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Fellowship Bible Church Dallas

Our Mission & Vision

MISSION Why we exist.

The mission of Fellowship Dallas is to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

This relationship is best developed within a community of fellow believers in Jesus Christ who commit themselves for a season to the pursuit of biblical truth, authentic community and missional living. At Fellowship Dallas we call this a “Community Group” and believe it is the primary environment in which spiritual growth and life change can happen.

VISION Who we want to be.

The vision of Fellowship Dallas is to be a midtown Dallas church of grace-filled people empowered for community transformation and new church formation so that the Gospel is faithfully transferred from person to person and generation to generation.

OUTCOMES Results we want to see.

As Jesus Christ works in and through us to fulfill our mission and pursue our vision, we expect to see results in three areas:

  • Community Transformation - The transformation of local neighborhoods and communities
  • New Church Formation - The formation of new congregations and churches
  • Next Generation Empowerment - The intentional empowering of the next generation to carry out the mission of making disciples of all nations