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Fellowship Bible Church Dallas

Fellowship Cares

At Fellowship, we strive to care and pray for our congregation when they are in physical, emotional or spiritual need.  Through caring for our congregation, we pray we can be a Christian community that models Christ’s love for one another.

Benevolence Team

Because many of us will face a difficult financial hardship in our lives, the benevolence team wants to provide support and resources to those in our body facing a financial emergency. If you feel you need help, please download the Benevolence Documents and follow the instructions. If you have strong financial and business acumen and people skills, please consider becoming a part of this ministry.

Click Here to Download Benevolence Documents

Prayer Team

We have many opportunities for prayer volunteers at Fellowship. Our prayer partners seek to extend Christ's love, comfort, and compassion to those who are in need of prayer after each of our worship services.  Our on-line prayer team provides immediate prayer for anyone who needs it from wherever they are. If you feel led to pray, consider joining one of these teams, our Wednesday morning all church prayer time, or a specialized team. Contact us and we can get you into the right group.  

Submit a prayer request.

Memorial Service Team

The Memorial Service Team is here to assist when a Fellowship Dallas member passes away. Team members assist with baking for the reception and providing support on the day of the service. If you have a heart for the grieving, we would love to have you on the team.   

Hospital Visitation

The Hospital Visitation Team is here to visit those who have been hospitalized, are housebound due to illness, or are experiencing the loss of a loved one. If you are in need of such ministry or wish to volunteer, please contact us.

Card Writing

The Card Writing Team is a unique ministry that desires to encourage and inspire those who have experienced life difficulties such as hospitalization, illness, and loss. If you have strong writing or creative skills, please consider becoming a part of this ministry.

Meal Team

Are you willing to make (or buy!) a meal for a member of our congregation who is ill or needs encouragement? Our meal team serves as a secondary layer of support to community groups or adult community classes who are seeking to meet the needs of our church family. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.

Get Involved

Volunteers are the driving force for each Care Team in the Fellowship Dallas Care Network. We desire to not only provide assistance to those in need or those going through tough times, but also to connect members to ministries that fit their God-given gifts and interests. We are looking for those who desire to be a supportive presence for those who are hurting. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Ali Congrove at 972-852-4171