Fellowship Bible Church Dallas

Childrens Ministries

The Children's Ministry of Fellowship Dallas partners with families to lead children in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We are passionate about providing environments, teaching and resources each week which will foster a knowledge and belief in core Truth Foundations from the Bible.  We desire to partner with you, the parent, as you take your role as the primary faith trainer of your child by coming alongside you during these Milestones in your child's life.  Each area of children's ministry provies a developmentally appropriate, gospel-centered environment for your child.

New Creations

In New Creations we focus on introducing children to God as creator, through prayer, praise and the story of Creation. Through loving care and creative teaching these precious children are introduced to the first Truth Foundation, God reigns, as they learn that God made everything.

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The Ark

In the Ark we introduce the children to God by teaching stories from Creation through the life of Christ. Each Bible story revolves around the following four Truth Foundations: God is in charge of everything, God loves us, Jesus died for our sin and rose from the dead, and God is good.

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The Treetop

In the Treetop we focus on the chronological story of God’s redemptive plan through the Old and New Testaments, and begin to teach children how to apply God’s truth to their lives in practical ways. We engage in worship and interactive Bible story learning during the large group time, and then focus on interaction and reflection through games, crafts, and activities during the small group time.

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Route 45

In Route 45, our fourth and fifth graders also focus on a chronological study of the Bible. The Truth Foundations are taught on a deeper level. In addition, they will begin learning how to apply God's truth to their life through personal discovery.

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