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Home Point


Home Point is designed for everyone at Fellowship, single or married. Parents with kids at home, empty nesters and grandparents. We all have a place of influence within our home, our extended family, our community, our work and in our outreach. Home Point addresses building faith in each of our various life stages and recognizes the significance of these relationships.

Explore and engage with one of our friendly Hosts to get the most out of your experience here. And come often. New materials will be added and updated throughout the year.

Home Point is located on the first floor on the south side of the church. It provides recommended resources that will help you become more intentional about living out your faith at home. There are also plenty of free resources in the Center so come visit us at Home Point.


Pointers are life stage and special circumstances based brochures. Each pointer offers a biblical perspective on your particular season of life. Pointers also offer suggested At Home resources such as books, websites, articles and DVD series. Finally most Pointers list various, At Church resources such as classes, seminars or community groups.

Books located in the Home Point center are additional resources to help you develop and implement faith at home.  The Home Point Center offers books dealing with Life Stages (e.g., Single, Intentional Parenting) and Special Circumstances (e.g., Raising a Child with Special Needs, Caring for an Aged Loved One).  All books in Home Point are available for purchase, and some for check out.  Some books are also available in Spanish language versions.

Idea Cards
Idea cards describe creative and practical ideas to help implement faith at home. We will consistently make new Idea Cards available with fresh ideas to develop your faith away from church and in your home.


Marriage Matters

At Fellowship Dallas, our goal for families is that they would be equipped for a lifetime of family discipleship. 

This campaign is designed as just one of the tools we hope will bless you and your family in that persuit.

Click here for the Marriage Appraisal card!
This appraisal will give each of you a self-assessment to determine whether you have been intentional over the past 120 days about building a God-honoring marriage.

Intentional Couples MP3
Listen to Pastor Steve Stroope & Kurt Bruner of LakePointe Church as they challenge couples to live intentionally in their marriage. 

Marriage Masterpiece MP3


I'm Glad You Asked Resources

How does same-sex marriage affect you?  Dr. Jim Denison

The Bible & Homosexuality  Dr. Bill Counts