Fellowship Bible Church Dallas

Student Ministries

We partner with families to lead students in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We strongly desire to create a culture where students are invited, included, and challenged in their walk with Jesus.

Jr. High

In Jr. High the pressures of conformity are enormous. When it comes to decisions about sex, dating, friends, grades, and where you find your identity and security, the temptation is to just figure it out on your own.

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High School

Each Sunday at 11am, on the 2nd floor in the Student Center, students gather to worship together and encourage each other in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Each Sunday our lesson is rooted in a Truth Foundationsand allows space for students to process what they have read and heard.

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Central Area Service

Each Sunday at 9:30am, on the 2nd floor in the Student Center, our Central Area Service offers a unique worship service with our local neighborhood teens in mind. 

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