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Fellowship Bible Church Dallas

Young Adult

The Awakening is the Young Adult Ministry of Fellowship Dallas

The Awakening is Fellowship Dallas' primary young adult community from which you will find ways to engage the life of this church. We have Community Groups, missional initiatives, and a Sunday morning discipleship community and social gatherings throughout the year. To stay connected you will want to find us on Facebook and Twitter and join our email list.

Sunday Morning 

On Sunday morning, our community comes together at 9:15 for a time of fellowship around bagels, cofee, and OJ.  Around 9:35 we will get going with a few worship songs.  Then we will move into our large group discussion.  These topics are unique to the Awakening and are relevant to both our culture and life situation.

Community Groups

We have three Awakening sponsored Community Groups:

We have two Young Adult Women's groups.  One meets on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm and is led by Danielle Cody.  Our other Women's group meets on Thursday nights at 7pm and usually meets in the Lake Highlands area.  The location moves between East Dallas and the Village area. If you'd like to attend, please contact Kyle Purcell or visit our Facebook Group Page.

The Young Adult Men's Group meets on Thursday nights at 7:30pm and is led by Kyle Purcell. They meet at Union Coffee.  You can email Kyle Purcell or go to the Facebook Group Page.