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Fellowship Bible Church Dallas

Individual Partners

Fellowship Dallas is blessed to come alongside 25 individual or family partners serving in Dallas and around the world. Through our global budget, we financially support some of these partners and none of them to the level of their total need. Through prayer, communication, financial support and visiting, we all can be instruments of God’s equipping and encouraging them to build up the church worldwide. In return we get the privilege of hearing the stories of people coming to faith in Christ and indigenous churches multiplying. As an individual or family or community group, you are strategically positioned to support one of them and be encouraged by the work God is doing through them.

Interested in serving overseas? If you consider Fellowship Dallas your home church and you are thinking of serving overseas long-term, we have a process that candidates must follow to be considered for church endorsement and/or financial support. We want to be a resource and support for you as you consider going into vocational Christian ministry.

Click on a Partner's name to e-mail them!

Vietnam - Evangelism
Muriel and Mimi Barker

Africa - Leadership Development
John and Yvonne Boekhout

Philippines - Church Planting and Leadership Training
Bob and Koleen French
[Visit Website]

Russia - Post-Orphanage Transition
Robert and Ann Fuqua
[Visit Website]

Southeast Asia - Leadership Development

Peter & Moaia Kashung

Tom and Iris Lowder
[Visit Website]

Worldwide - Church Planting
John and Susie Maisel

Europe - Staff Development, Equipping and Counseling
Hud and Nancy McWilliams
[Visit Website]

Germany - Women''s Ministry
Melinda Means

Central Asia - Leadership Development
Rich and Becky Milne

Worldwide - Leadership Development
Linus and Sharon Morris

CRU - San Antonio

James & Sarah Ward
[Visit Website]

RReach - Worldwide
Ramesh & Bonnie Richard
[Visit Website]

Southeast Asia - ARM
Ranjit & Deepa David
[Visit Website]

Panama - Evangelism
Lino and Amilda Smith

Haiti - Leaderhip Development
Joel and Marie St. Amour

United States - College Professors - Evangelism and Discipleship
Steve and Betsy Sternberg
[Visit Website]

New Zealand - Leadership Development
Steve and Donna Thurman

Belgium - Youth Evangelism
Ted and Malia Winston

Dallas - Refugee Ministry
Alysa Marx

Ethiopia - Reaching Illiterate
Steve Sims

Kenya - Media and Community Development
Taylor and Allison Martyn
[Visit Website]

SE Asia - Leadership Development
J and K Freeman

Sudan - Church Planting
Mike and Ali Congrove