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Short-term Trips

Going on a short-term trip is a great way to participate in what God is doing around the world. Lasting one to two weeks, these trips are a platform for you to use your gifts and skills, experience a new culture and develop strong bonds with team members. Bible college or seminary degrees not required! Whether you teach, repair cars or sell insurance, God can use your skills to expand His kingdom. Kerry Goad who recently returned from Sudan said, “I was amazed at how God used me, a dentist, to share the love and power of Christ to the Sudanese people.”

Upcoming Short Term Trips:

Southeast Asia: October 15 - 26, 2016

India Trip

*Registration open. Application deadline August 1st (Click Here for Registration Application)

Purpose:  Encourage national partner/observe progress of campus build

Cost:  $2,800

Summary: Our mission is to help fulfill the vision that God has given our national partner, Deven of the Leadership Training Center, to train Christian leaders in Biblical theology and church planting. In addition, we are helping to provide small business training and microloans so that the training center and the Christian leaders can become self-supporting, which in turns gives them credibility in their villages.


SOUTH SUDAN - September 22 - October 2, 2016

*Registration Open (Click Here for Registration Application)

Purpose: Evangelism/Support of national leaders and churches

Cost: $3,800

Summary:  Join us as we team up with FBCD member Mike Congrove, Executive Director of Empower Sudan, whose focus in South Sudan is to find, develop, train and empower leaders who can make disciples of Jesus and start new churches.  Working with our national partners, we help start schools, provide medical care and clean water, fund agricultural projects, encourage economic empowerment, and more.