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Fellowship Bible Church Dallas

Short-term Trips

Going on a short-term trip is a great way to participate in what God is doing around the world. Lasting one to two weeks, these trips are a platform for you to use your gifts and skills, experience a new culture and develop strong bonds with team members. Bible college or seminary degrees not required! Whether you teach, repair cars or sell insurance, God can use your skills to expand His kingdom. 


Dates: October 24 - November 2

Purpose:  Evangelism/Community Transformation/Leadership Training

Cost:  $3200

Summary:  Our mission is to help fulfill the vision that God has given our national partner, Deven, of the Leadership Training Center, to train leaders and plant churches in a reproducible and sustainable way.  This includes engaging in village evangelism, leadership training, medical clinics, children’s ministries, and discipleship conferences.  This mission is open to ages 18 and older.  

Interested? Contact outreach@fellowshipdallas.org


Dates:  September 14 - September 25, 2016

Purpose: Evangelism/Support of national leaders and churches

Cost: $3,800

Summary:  Come help start a new church or give a push to a new one in South Sudan. You will learn four easy stories you can share in villages in South Sudan that explain the Good News of Jesus Christ. At Fellowship we partner with Empower One, whose focus in South Sudan is to find, develop, train, and empower leaders who can make disciples of Jesus and start new churches. This mission is open to ages 18 and older.  

Interested? Contact outreach@fellowshipdallas.org


Dates: March 2017

Purpose: Evangelism/Community Transformation/Leadership Training

Cost:  $1650

Summary:  Our mission is to partner with IBAC Ministries as they provide training to under resourced church pastors and leaders.  We will also engage in compassion ministries such as children’s ministry, conferences for men and women, evangelism, and teaching English in local schools.  This is a family friendly mission open to all ages.  Parent must accompany minors.

Interested? Contact outreach@fellowshipdallas.org