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Fellowship Bible Church Dallas

Fellowship Serves

Fellowship Serves
is this Sunday! 

This year, we will not be having a commissioning service. However, we still wanted to send you off with a word of encouragement. Watch the following video with your team or family prior to heading out to your project site. Afterwards, pray together and ask that God is with you as you serve this Sunday! 

April 26, 2015



If you are creating your own project, please let us know so we can pray for you and support you! If you need additional volunteers for your project, we can help! Just complete the FS 2015 Project Form and return it to outreach@Fellowshipdallas.org as soon as possible, but no later than April 10th. 

Need ideas for your own project? Click here to see a list of volunteer opportunities within 25 miles of downtown Dallas or contact outreach@fellowshipdallas.org for some suggestions. 


This year we have a new way to register for Fellowship Serves sponsored projects! This will allow members to sign up for specific projects as well as give you more information and details about the projects. This communication platform is called The City and it is how we will register volunteers for ALL Fellowship Serves projects. 

Already on The City? Click here to login. After logging in, search for "Fellowship Serves" in the search box. Click on the title and choose "yes" to see a list of all projects.

New to The City? Click here to sign up. Once you are on The City, search for "Fellowship Serves" in the search box. Click on the title and choose "yes" to see a list of projects.


Childcare Information: Childcare will be provided for children ages 5 and under. Registration is required by April 17th.