Amanda “Mandy” Logan Family Ministries Administrative Assistant

I was born and raised in the small west Texas town of Eastland before moving to Denton to attend the University of North Texas. I have been in the DFW area ever since. Despite being raised in church and active in my local youth group. I never truly understood the magnitude of God’s grace or what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As a result, when I moved to Denton, I ran—from God, the church, and His people.


I pursued the things of the world for an entire decade before God brought me to my knees at the age of 27. I was desperate for something, but I didn’t know what. A close friend of mine encouraged me to go to church, and I reluctantly took her advice. Full of skepticism, I sat in the back with arms crossed doubting everything I heard—but I came back the next week and the next. I was so broken and full of shame; I didn’t know what to do but I knew I did not want the life that I was living.


After a few months of this, I started volunteering at a transitional housing organization in Dallas, where I met Jesus. Seeing people selflessly giving their time and resources to people who truly needed help; it changed my life. I fell in love and dove into the Word. I had to know more about this Jesus who had called these people to be the good in a broken world.


Months later, God called me to work at Fellowship. I have also recently returned to school and am working towards a Masters in Counseling. I am so grateful for the family God has given me through Fellowship. Every day I am in awe of how God has taken a broken, seemingly meaningless life and given me purpose and love.

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