Kory Ahern Director of Strategic Systems and Metrics

I was raised in a non-believing household in the suburbs of Los Angeles. At 16, my family moved to a small island town in Washington state. There in my isolation, desperation, and depravity, I met Christ and He took hold of my heart in a way I did not know was possible. At 19, I followed God’s calling back to California to be among a Christian community of friends and mentors where I planned to start college and set down roots. God had other plans, though, as I took a job at a local Target and met a beautiful girl from Dallas named Sara. Months later we would agree that she should move back to Dallas to pursue her future and shortly thereafter I knew I had to do the same.


So, with the support of many friends and my church family in California, I was sent out to pursue God’s calling for me in Dallas and have been here ever since. In November of 2009, Sara and I began attending Fellowship and this has been our church home ever since. Sara and I would go on to get married in March of 2012 and we welcomed our daughter, Zoey Jane, to the world in May of 2013.


Besides my family, ministry is the beat of my heart and I was blessed to come on staff here in July of 2013. I am invigorated to spend each day in a role that allows me to work with the people of our church and keeps our ministries accountable to our people. Not a day passes that I don’t thank God for placing an unlikely disciple-in-progress like myself in this city, with my family and friends, and at this church.

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