Kyle Purcell Young Adults Director

I spent most of my life living in the beautiful state of Arkansas. I was born in Little Rock and grew up in central Arkansas. My family is your typical close-knit, southern family; spending most of our time outdoors. Most of my best memories are times I have been fishing, hunting, or camping with friends or my father. I had a large group of Christian friends I hung out with all through high school. The discipleship program, K-Life, was a huge part of my spiritual development in junior high and high school. It was in a K-Life small group that I began my relationship with Christ.


In college, I did all the normal stuff; I joined a fraternity, had good friends who became life-long friends and made both good and bad decisions. It was in college where my faith was tested for the first time. Thankfully, God blessed me with a great mentor who is still one of my best friends. After college, I worked as a drug counselor for about three years. I also met my wonderful wife, Anne. We married and moved to Dallas where I started Dallas Theological Seminary in the fall of 2010. I finished the Biblical Counseling program in the fall of 2013. Anne and I have a son who is so much fun to be around; we love trying to figure out parenthood.


I started working at Fellowship Dallas about six years ago as an intern with the Young Adult ministry. I came on full-time in June of 2013 as a Pastoral Counselor and the Young Adult Ministry Director. I love my job because I get to help people work through struggles in counseling as well as help young adults navigate the exciting decisions of early adulthood.

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