Linda Barton Administrative Assistant

I am proud to say I’m a Dallas native and lived in or near Dallas my entire life.  Did a little travel through the years but I call Dallas, “home”.


Growing up, my family rarely went to church after I turned five because we moved too far from the church.  As a teen in the 70’s, it was easy to be distracted from a sheltered life.  I usually did whatever my older sister did; she tried several religions and so did I.


Over time I found myself drifting away from the Truth and lived my life as a “non-believer”. I lost both of my parents and was going through a divorce; it was pretty dark in my life between the ages of 30-40.


None-the-less, I started to see the Truth again when I found myself surrounded by positive people that talked about Jesus. They started to teach me and encourage me. I saw how necessary it was for me to begin removing the negativity around me and getting closer to those that were speaking the Truth.


One evening I went into the closet with my Bible and prayed—I hadn’t done that in a long time!  Result, I no longer allowed the enemy to control my life


God had a plan for me.  I knew I had to follow His plan (not mine) and in His time.  I had several checkpoints along the way called “temptations”.  This journey is my testimony that God’s plan is real and it works!  God has brought me to Fellowship as part of His plan and an answered prayer for me.


I’m looking forward to what He brings my way.

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