Mike Heinz Student Ministries Pastor

It is a joy to work on staff as the Student Ministry Pastor here at Fellowship! My parents are both very pleased with this choice of occupation. That, however, may not have been the case a little over 40 years ago. That is when they both came into a life-changing relationship with Jesus and went from being “lost” to being “found” in Christ. My four siblings and I were¬†then raised in a Christian home and attended church every Sunday.


I accepted Jesus early in life at my elementary school in Baton Rouge; I also went from being lost to being found in Christ.


I was subsequently baptized and discipled by my dad and other influential mentors. My youth pastor and LSU campus Bible study leaders played a big role in encouraging me to consider full-time ministry. Additionally, working at Pine Cove Christian camps for over a decade prepared me for effective service at Fellowship.


It is a real pleasure working with our families and youth to encourage them to find their God-given purpose in Christ.

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