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Fellowship Bible Church Dallas

Thanksgiving Offering

Before Jesus left this earth He made a promise to His disciples that is recorded in Acts 1:8. He told them that once the Holy Spirit came upon them (Acts 2) they would be His witnesses in “Jerusalem, Judea, Smaria and the uttermost parts of the earth.” In other words, their faithful witness to Christ would be like a pebble dropped in a pond.  The impact of His Spirit upon the disciples would reverberate outward from Jerusalem through the surrounding regions of Judea and Samaria and eventually reach “the uttermost parts (or farthest locations) of the earth.” Here we are, two millennia later, as proof of His promise.  Now it is our turn to continue to spread the Gospel.  That is why we are taking an “Acts 1:8 Thanksgiving Offering” on two Sundays, November 18 and 25. As a way of giving thanks we will take a second offering on those two Sundays in order to impact:

Our Jerusalem by creating a usable space for our fourth and fifth graders in Route 45 at an estimated cost of $45,000.
Fellowship Dallas’ children’s ministry has been creative in using our former counseling center offices for our 4th and 5th graders on Sunday mornings. As we have been more intentional about reaching our nearby Vickery Meadow neighborhood and more and more kids are coming, we have concluded that this space no longer provides what the children and volunteers need. The planned renovations will transform the existing space to help this growing ministry succeed.

Our Judea/Samaria by establishing a church planting fund for Fellowship Rocky Mount North Carolina led by Thad and Lori Harris at a cost of $20,000.
Thad and Lori Harris and their family, longtime members and staff of Fellowship Dallas, left in January, 2012, to start and network churches in North Carolina. We are seeing God use them in powerful ways to develop lead pastors and reach those who don’t know Christ. They believe and we agree that now is the time to launch Fellowship Bible Church Rocky Mount. We want to prayerfully and financially partner with them and other church planting efforts.


Our “uttermost parts of the earth” by building a permanent pastoral training center in Lucknow, India at a cost of $84,000.
In North Central India, the stronghold of Hinduism makes it very difficult for people to put their faith in Jesus Christ alone as their Lord and Savior. That has not deterred the 46 graduates of our Leadership Training Center in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, that our Indian partners started in July, 2007. In 2011 these 46 graduates shared their faith with more than 6,500 people and saw 545 of those people put their faith in Christ. We want to empower our partners to buy land, build a building and open small businesses to help this great ministry become self-supporting.


Add it up and you can see our goal is $149,000. That is no small amount when you consider that this offering is OVER AND ABOVE regular giving. We are currently over $100,000 behind in our general fund giving so we don’t want to adversely affect the budget with this extra offering. However, we were over $200,000 behind last year at this same time and we were able to generate an additional $186,000 in a Thanksgiving offering.

If God has blessed you with unexpected income this year and you want to express your gratitude for such a gift, please write a check for “Thanksgiving Offering” and bring it to church on the 18th or 25th.