“This year we will share 1,000 stories of courageous next steps in becoming more like Jesus.”

Whether we realize it or not, we’re all becoming something.

Each day is made up of a series of small decisions that, over time, write the story of our lives and legacies.  Each day we are becoming better plumbers, smarter students, more successful coaches.

But how do we become more like Jesus?

This year we want to focus on being a church made up of individuals who take courageous next steps, boldly pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones so that God gets the glory and we get to grow.

By taking these steps, we believe our church will be filled with joyful people, loving spouses, caring neighbors, humble leaders, and devoted friends – people who look more and more like Jesus.

As we “call each other to live out our God-given purpose in Christ every day,” we want to share 1,000 stories that tell the journey of these steps.

Will you join us?


Eric's Story

Mimi's Story


These individuals felt like God wanted them to take a courageous next step. Read how they responded below.

I’ve gone all around the world, but, until recently, I had never met most of my neighbors. I felt burdened to build relationships with the women on my street, but as an introvert, this required courage. Thankfully, I have a cute grandson and I brought him with me to each of their houses and the ladies loved him!

We’ve since had a few neighborhood parties, and we’re even starting a Bible study with a few who are interested. I’m so glad I took this step of courage and am praying that these ladies will know that I care for them and that they will believe in Jesus.

- Cheryl

My wife and I stay busy with our two kids, so our time is sacred. A few weeks ago, we were informed about an international student who needed help getting acclimated to the US. We were initially hesitant because there were major cultural differences and we knew it would demand a good amount of our time for a few weeks. 

Despite the excuses we could have made, we felt that God was going to do something special through it, so we agreed to help out. We’re so glad we did! We were able to help meet a lot of her practical needs as she’s getting settled into the US, and we’ve made a new friend. 

- Jeff


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