“This year we will share 1,000 stories of courageous next steps in becoming more like Jesus.”

Whether we realize it or not, we’re all becoming something.

Each day is made up of a series of small decisions that, over time, write the story of our lives and legacies.  Each day we are becoming better plumbers, smarter students, more successful coaches.

But how do we become more like Jesus?

This year we want to focus on being a church made up of individuals who take courageous next steps, boldly pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones so that God gets the glory and we get to grow.

By taking these steps, we believe our church will be filled with joyful people, loving spouses, caring neighbors, humble leaders, and devoted friends – people who look more and more like Jesus.

As we “call each other to live out our God-given purpose in Christ every day,” we want to share 1,000 stories that tell the journey of these steps.

Will you join us?


2019 Highlights

In 2019 Joel, Leslie, and Jim & Pam took courageous next steps to help heal past hurts and step into the ministries God is calling them to. Each of them admit it wasn’t easy, but watch to learn how God showed up in amazing ways.


These individuals felt like God wanted them to take a courageous next step. Read how they responded below.

Due to some past negative experiences, I became fearful of driving on the highway, especially for long periods of time. Last year, God put on my heart to participate in a human trafficking walk in Southlake, but I didn’t because of the fear of driving from North Dallas to Southlake. This year He put it on my heart again. As a courageous next step I decided to trust Him and I put my faith in action. My two words are Liberating Communities and I strongly felt this walk was what God wanted me to do and that He would take care of me. If He can part the Red Sea, surely He can take care of me on 635. I’ve been on the highway prior to this but I’ve always felt very anxious, but this time God gave me great peace and it was just so amazing. It really has empowered me to do other things that God has called me to do.

- Gayla

Our courageous next step is adoption. Since the age of 18, I’ve known that adoption is a calling that has been placed on my heart. We’ve decided to forgo having biological children in an effort to help a child that is unwanted or unable to be cared for properly, as well as care for a mother in need. This step requires courage as we must trust that God will provide financially for this adoption. It has been encouraging to see how God has given us both this desire and made the path clear. Psalm 46:10 has been our reminder for this process.

“Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!”

- Emily

I’ve invested time and energy in exploring my faith and researching the Bible over the last five years. But I’ve still felt hesitancy to take a bold step, take on any risk, or express my faith outwardly. While not knowing specifically how, I felt a need to get out of my comfort zone to continue growing in faith.

That opportunity presented itself when I received an invitation to be part of a four-person team going to Nicaragua to facilitate and lead a group of 17 Nicaraguan and Honduran local pastors through a four-day training experience. I said yes but I asked myself “What did I, young in my faith, have to offer to a group of mature pastors?”

However, throughout my time in Nicaragua I felt warm satisfaction and assurance that my role there was divine assignment. My talents, skills, and experiences uniquely positioned me to be successful. Overcoming my insecurities and seeing my capabilities revealed has fortified me personally; and the confident feeling of satisfaction in being used by my Creator and answering His call has uplifted my spirit.

- Luke

A few years ago, I lost hearing in my right ear. On top of that, I constantly hear ringing sounds in my ear. Because I was afraid that I would not be hearing well when the kids talk to me, especially when they talk at the same time, I stopped serving in Fellowship Kids.

After I kept running into the kids that I used to teach and seeing some of them get baptized, I knew that my courageous next step was to go back and teach the pre-k class in The Ark. The encouragement, reassurance, and love from the staff in the children’s ministry team confirms my decision. And I feel so much joy and peace when I am with the kids. They make me feel alive and forget my own health problem.

Taking my next step means stepping outside of my comfort zone without fear, and jumping into an uncertain situation that I would need to adjust or sacrifice in some way. But I know the reward will be great! I know that God loves me and in time he will restore all things in me. Because he loves me, I ought to love others freely and demonstrate his love [to his children] regardless of my own difficult situation.

- Nancy


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