Care Cards

Right now, many people are feeling the effects of extended isolation and loneliness from COVID-19. We want to reach out to these people, but in a way that’s safe for everyone. That’s why we’re sending out Care Cards during the month of July! Few things are more meaningful than a personal, handwritten note, and we want to bless those around us with the hope of Jesus. 

To get involved, simply pick one of the destinations below (or all three!) and mail them a card. Want to get the family involved? Have the kids paint or draw a picture and include it in the envelope.


Email us at


Dayspring Senior Living

Encourage one of the 70 senior citizens that call Dayspring home.

6400 Cheyenne Trail, Plano, TX 75023
Attn: Friends of Fellowship

Exodus Ministries

Bless a formerly incarcerated mom who’s getting back on her feet.

4630 Munger Avenue, #110, Dallas, TX 75204
Attn: Susan Stephens

Texas Health Presbyterian

Offer hope to the COVID-19 patients and hundreds of medical staff who serve them.

8200 Walnut Hill Lane

Dallas, TX 75231

Attn: Francisco Gonzales

(All letters will be handled by facility managers, so return address aren’t required if you don’t feel comfortable)