9:30am • 11am • 6pm


Christmas Eve is when we gather as a church family to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Jesus came to bring peace on earth and goodwill towards men, but how is this peace accomplished? How can you have peace in your life and relationships, and how can there be peace in this messy world?

Join us on Christmas Eve as we learn more about the hope our Savior brings and the everlasting peace made possible for us in him!


We are located at 9330 N. Central Expy, behind the Caruth Plaza Shopping Center. Use the Park Lane entrance or the entrance off of the 75 service road to find us!


What do I wear?

Fellowship is a casual environment. We welcome you to wear what feels comfortable!

Where should I park?

For first time visitors, we offer guest parking located on the North Side of the building.

Where do I go once I get there?

Fun fact, our building used to be a movie theatre! This means when you walk in, it may seem a little bit different than normal churches. Just take the escalator up to the the second floor where you’ll find our worship center entrance.

If you have any questions or need directions to the worship center, restrooms, or kid’s ministry, don’t hesitate to ask one of our guest services team members!

What is the service like?

Our services last a little over an hour. We begin by singing a few songs, followed by a message from one of our pastors.

If you’re visiting for the first time, give yourself a few extra minutes to stop by The Hub before or after service.

What options are there for my kids?

Our Fellowship Kids volunteers can help! We have a special desk for new families on the first floor near the escalators. You can also check out our Kids page to learn more about Fellowship Kids.

What is a bible church?

When our church was established, we wanted to be defined as a church that was aligned with the Bible. Today, we are a non-denominational church that emphasizes the importance of using the Bible as our foundation and guide for our faith.

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