You were made on purpose, for a purpose.

Recent Barna studies concluded that 75% of adults are looking for ways to live a more meaningful life and 82% of Christians view developing their gifts as a way to grow closer to God – but the majority admit they don’t really have a strong understanding of what those gifts are. We are also living in the midst of The Great Resignation, a time when millions of people are seeking vocations that better fit with their personal passions and gifts.

That’s why we’re so passionate about our mission of calling each other to live out our God-given purpose in Christ every day. We want to be a community living on mission, continually learning more about how God has woven our stories and uniquely gifted each of us so that we can partner with Him to share the hope of Christ where we live, work, and play.

Scroll down to learn more about the different opportunities at Fellowship to grow in your God-given purpose.

Let’s live on purpose!

God-Given Purpose Trainings

Repurposed: Start Here

Repurposed is our flagship 7-week course where you will explore your life storyline, your unique gifts and passions, and more to discover your God-given purpose. This is a great first step for those looking to learn more about how God has created them and how they can live on purpose.

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Next90: Create a Rhythm

Next90 is a quarterly event designed to help you implement a rhythm of living on purpose. Through a combination of table discussion, teaching, and reflection you’ll define a personal goal for our next 90 days and action steps to make it happen.

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Younique: Go Deeper

Ready to dive deeper and really look ahead? Younique is a gospel-centered life design tool composed of two “Journeys”. You’ll take a closer look at your giftings, define your core values, and create a three-year vision frame for your life. You’ll also learn a variety of tools to help disciple others where you live, work, and play.

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identify your God-given purpose


What were you made to do? While each of us are called to make disciples, God has uniquely gifted us to do that in different ways and Repurposed is a great first step in learning more about how God uniquely designed you and has woven your story. During Repurposed you’ll inventory and interpret your life story, gifts, passions, and more to identify your God-given purpose (your “two words”) and create a 90 day goal to start living it out. You will be able to complete the statement:  I exist to honor God and help others by ________ing _________.


Who is it for?

Repurposed is for anyone looking to take the first step to discovering their God-given purposed. 

What is it like?

Through a combination of teaching, discussion, and homework you’ll:

  • Review your life storyline
  • Inventory your gifts and talents
  • Identify your God-given purpose
  • Set a 90-day goal
When is it offered?

Repurposed is a 7-week course offered multiple times throughout the year. Sessions are offered on Sunday mornings from 8:30-10am or on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8pm. Childcare is available and your registration includes all class materials.

step into a rhythm of intentionality


Naming our God-given purpose is great, but living a life of purpose requires an intentional rhythm of reviewing our goals and listening to God to hear what he is calling us to next. We are calling each other to live out our God-given purpose in Christ every day.  This is how we grow as disciples of Jesus in becoming consistent in pursuing a God-centered life, resistant to doing life on our own, persistent in designing a life of intentional investment and insistent on leaving a legacy of exponential impact. 


Who is it for?

Next90 is open to anyone, but designed especially for those who have completed Repurposed or Younique to help establish a quarterly rhythm of reviewing and renewing.

What is it like?

At each 2-hour Next90 gathering you’ll:

  • enjoy lunch and fellowship
  • learn more about a discipleship tool
  • create your next 90-day goal
  • define action steps to make it happen
When is it offered?

Next90 is offered every 90 days, following the 10am service. It is a time of short teaching, table discussion, and dedicated reflective time to chart your next 90 days. Lunch and childcare are provided with your registration.

create a Gospel-centered life plan


While Repurposed is a great starting point, Younique is where you’ll really take a deep dive into your personal calling. You’ll be equipped with a toolkit to help bring more God-awareness and Self-awareness, a discipling atmosphere as you walk with others through this process, and greater clarity not only around the “what” of your God-given purpose, but the – why, how, and when – learning how to dream with God through a full vision frame for your life. This equips you not only with greater clarity for your own life vision, but with the tools to disciple others and be more fully deployed for Kingdom impact.


Who is it for?

Younique is for anyone looking to take a deeper dive into their God-given purpose and creating a life vision frame to help live it out. Completing Repurposed prior to taking Younique is encouraged, but not required.

What is it like?

Younique is split into two “journeys”. During Journey 1, you’ll:

  • dive deeper into your gifts and talents
  • define your values and purpose statements

During Journey 2, you’ll:

  • define your life roles and storylines
  • create a 3-year life vision
  • identify action steps and rhythms to get started
  • learn how to review and renew
When is it offered?

Younique is offered in various cohort formats throughout the year. Some are 12-week weekly meetings, others are two-weekend summits.