Bradley Laird Video Producer
My Story:
I was born and raised in a Christ-centered family in Fort Worth. We attended church any time the doors were open, and I came to Christ at the ripe old age of 7 while attending a summer Bible camp. Though I didn’t fully understand everything at the time, that was still an authentic decision and a defining moment that God used to begin my spiritual journey.

After high school, I studied the film at the University of North Texas. There, I made friends with all the wrong people and ended up making some pretty poor decisions. Nevertheless, God was always working in me, and eventually, I was convicted to take my faith seriously again. I joined the campus ministry and made some life-long friends—friends who loved Jesus and wanted to share the gospel with others.

Through that ministry, God changed my heart and my passion from generic filmmaking to a more specific goal of spreading the love of Christ through video. I also met my future wife Sarah and three guys who would later become my groomsmen. I’m now happily married living in North Dallas with a little corgi named Beans.

My Purpose:
I exist to honor God and bless others by Enhancing Understanding. I love helping people learn more about something they’re unfamiliar with. I hope to break down assumptions and challenge others by bringing a unique viewpoint to the subject-matter.

My Job:
My job as video producer is to share stories of God’s amazing mercy and grace by highlighting individuals or ministries. I love using my gifts in a way that connects with people and inspires others to know Jesus.

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