Bradley Laird Video Producer

A graduate of the University of North Texas, I earned a degree in the Art of Film and a minor in Photography. I am a devout Christian and love God more than anything else. I am passionate about using cameras and challenging myself to come up with the best possible shot. I love to think critically and quickly while on set or under pressure. My goal in life is to use my skills to glorify God and reach to those who need to hear His name.

Born and raised in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas; I moved to Denton after high school to pursue my passion of cinematography and to someday become a Hollywood hot-shot in the film industry. Thankfully, God had other plans…but I had some growing up to do first. So, moving to Denton really opened my eyes to the ways of the world and I unknowingly surrounded myself with people I probably shouldn’t have. By the grace of God, one of my good film buddies invited me to attend the on-campus Christian organization called FOCUS. Immediately after attending the first week, God re-captured my heart and turned my life around. I began to rethink my career path to be more Christ-oriented. Through the final two years of college, I met so many wonderful people who share the same love for Christ as I do, including my soon-to-be wife, Sarah.

After graduating I applied what I learned in the field by freelancing and interning for several production companies. I started attending a church in Plano where I volunteered as a video producer. Through that connection, God connected this amazing job here at Fellowship Dallas. I am so excited about where God is leading this church, my super-creative team, and where He is leading me as well.

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