Bret Schuch Elder

Like many, I first came to Fellowship at the invitation of a friend.  It was 1989 and I had recently met this incredible young lady who invited me to attend this relatively new church with worship music that had no organ accompaniment and no hymn books.  It all blew my Baptist hair straight back (it was during a time when I actually had hair to be blown!)  Now some three decades later I’m still attending Fellowship, and this awesome friend who first invited me (Karen) is the same woman to whom I’ve been married since 1992.  God has blessed us with two beautiful daughters, Maddie and Phoebe.  We are longtime residents of Kessler Park, and can often be found at one of many different dining establishments in the Oak Cliff area.

I enjoy the mountains, like to snow ski, and love golf, and often these passions overlap during our regular travels to Steamboat Springs.  But none of these passions give me as much enjoyment as being a dad to two awesome girls and a mentor of sorts to several more (boys and girls) through my volunteer service in Fellowship Student Ministries.  Actually, working with teens is a lot like golf – it’s frustrating at times and I could always use a lesson, but I can’t wait to do it again!

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