Catrina Berka Service Teams Coordinator

My Story:
I grew up in a culturally Christian home as an only child to a single mom. My cousins and I all attended Sunday School together at our small Methodist church in Wisconsin, but my mom is Catholic and encouraged me to develop my own faith. That didn’t happen for me until college, when I began seeking in earnest.

My real faith transformation happened after my husband of 10 years died of skin cancer in 2013. I realized that the things I’d been chasing (mainly career success and social cache) weren’t the things that I wanted to leave behind as a legacy for my only son. Through Celebrate Recovery, a Christian recovery program, I got sober and laid bare my dependency on Christ for every good thing in my life. I quit my corporate healthcare consulting sales job in 2016 and followed the Lord’s leading into refugee ministry. That’s what brought me to Fellowship and it’s here that I met and married my husband, Andy. Today, I experience tremendous joy to be able to steward the amazing gifts God has given me and to celebrate the blessings found in everyday life as a blended family of five.

My Purpose:
By “Sowing Belonging,” I help people discover where their gifts can be best utilized to bear Kingdom fruit. I’m a connector and love bringing people and organizations together for collaboration and community.

My Job:
As Service Teams Coordinator, I help mobilize and connect our people to serve at church, in the city, and around the world. If you’re interested in volunteering in any capacity, I’m your girl!

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