David Waldrep Elder

I grew up in a middle-class family in Artesia, New Mexico.  This was a football town, and I played quarterback until I was injured in my senior year.  As an athlete and as a valedictorian, I had the opportunity to go to the United States Air Force Academy in 1966 but declined and decided to go to SMU and study law.  College days were fun and exciting as I met my wife Kathryn on a blind date and got married in 1970.  Kathryn began her pursuit of medicine after I graduated from law school while I began practicing law.  She completed her training in 1983 and started her own obstetrical gynecological practice. By then I had established myself as a transaction attorney and bank counsel.

The rock and roll eighties were quite the decade.  We had two children by then, Kristen and Kevin, traveled extensively and lived large. . .perhaps too large for me.  I was active with the SMU Mustangs, a bank board member, and a fitness club board member, but I was still missing something, that being a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Though I grew up in the Baptist church, though Kathryn and I led youth at Highland Park Presbyterian Church, though we started a Sunday School class there, though I eventually became an Elder at First Presbyterian Church, I really was just a good Pharisee doing good, often very good, things.

After the seismic shock of a failed business, God got my attention and delivered the message to become dependent upon Him and not rely upon my self to perform or produce.  Grace took on a totally different concept.  I stopped practicing law and obtained my MBA and since then have worked on several entrepreneurial projects over time.  I have refocused on serving, supporting and encouraging even in my projects.  We helped start Young Life for the Private Schools, had another son Kyle,  joined Fellowship, and now I serve as a board member and treasurer of the Da Vinci school along with serving as an Elder of Fellowship and other boards.  My day is committed to serving those around me and delivering the message of joy and hope into their lives.


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