Emily Harmon Early Childhood Volunteer Coach

At one point in my life, I thought that I was doing God a favor by trying to save the world all by myself. Thankfully around the age of 17, the trajectory of my life changed, and I began to learn that God’s desire was not for me to isolate myself, but instead, to use the gifts He’s given me to work together as a part of the body of Christ for His glory!

Since then, I have seen the value of being a part of a team. As the Early Childhood Volunteer Coach for Fellowship Kids, I love trying to find new ways to motivate, equip, and inspire our volunteers who faithfully show up to share the good news of Christ with the kids in our church.

When I’m not in The Ark or New Creations on Sunday mornings, you can find me in the fiction section of a local bookstore or having too much fun hanging out with my husband and kids.

In 2015, my family joined Fellowship Dallas, and I look forward to seeing how God’s kingdom continues to grow as our church lives out our God-given purpose here in Dallas!

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