Gay Nell Scarborough Front Desk Receptionist and Connecting Ministry Assistant

I was born in Pennsylvania, but got to Texas as quick as I could (6 mo. old)! My Mom was a southern belle so thus my name being two words, and I go by both.  Fun fact: If I had been a boy it would have been Joe Fred.

I lived in Dallas until I was 12, then we moved to Austin.  I grew up there, married there, and raised our family there. Tom and I married in 1972.  Although I grew up in the church, I don’t remember ever hearing about Jesus until high school, when I attended Young Life. Tom and I both made a decision to follow Christ on the same day at a Young Life camp; little did we know how significant that would be a few years down the road when we began to date.

We have four awesome kiddos who are raising our eight awesome grands! My passion (and Tom’s) has always been relationships and discipleship. As a family, these have been the main part of our core values, so we see these same passions in the lives of our grown kids today.

I love walking alongside women and helping them discover their identity, security, and significance in Christ.  We moved from Austin to Dallas in 2005 and started attending FBCD in 2006.  We have been in full-time ministry for years together. In the in-between years, we have worked many different kinds of jobs…jack of all trades, master of…few, but they have always involved people and community.

The things that nurture my soul are making new friends, being with friends, and using my hands creatively.

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