Jeff Harmon Communications Director

My Story:
I was born and raised in small-town Arkansas in a loving, Christian home. I attended the same church as my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, and the first time I moved bedrooms was my freshman year of college. My childhood was safe, familiar, and predictable to say the least.

Although I accepted Jesus at an early age and looked like a model citizen, in high school I began living a double life. I wasn’t content and my relationship with Jesus was stagnant. I was spiraling downward, but my fear of disappointing those around me prevented me from getting the help I needed. Things weren’t right, and I was the only person who knew it.

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness, because through a series of life-changing events, He began transforming my heart in college. He used tragic situations to refocus my attention on Him, and now I’m continually learning that true joy and peace are found in an open and honest relationship with God and others. While in college, I served in ministry, developed a love for design and communications, and I also met a cute girl from Texas! We got married in 2010 and immediately moved to Dallas, or what she likes to call, “The Promised Land.” We now have 2 kiddos, Audrey and Jack!

My Purpose:
My two words are “Cultivating Oneness,” so I want to bring unity and peace to every situation, whether I’m at work or at home. I truly believe that the most productivity happens when you work past your differences and find common ground. And yes, I’m often called “The HARMON-izer.”

My Job:
As communications director, I serve Fellowship Dallas by making sure our message is clear. I get to work alongside an awesome team that produces all the print, digital, and video content for the church.


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