Kelly Hornsby Fellowship Kids Pastor

As a young child, my family lived in five different places before I reached 5th grade, but I never felt unsettled.  I always had a strong understanding of God’s love and His care for us as my parents lived out their relationship with Him in each change and each day.  I put my trust in Him personally when I was eight years old. I knew Jesus loved me and I loved kids (even when I was one). I started a day camp in my backyard the summer after 5th grade, I attended LSU after high school, received an education degree and went on to teach school for 11 years in Louisiana and Texas.

God led me to Romania to grow and stretch me, not only my love for kids but my trust in Him as I served with an orphan ministry for five years. I have been at Fellowship since 2010 and have loved being a part of this family. It is a JOY for me to work with the amazing Fellowship Kids team as we come alongside with parents and volunteers to invest in the hearts and lives of kids; training them up in not only the Truth Foundations but also in a strong sense of God’s great love and grace for them personally!


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