Kelly Millazo Fellowship Kids Operations Administator

Texas born and Baptist raised. We moved around throughout my childhood so I had the opportunity to live in different states (and climates). I am the proud child of two sets of parents. Both of my parents remarried so I have a “bonus” mom and dad. I am an advocate for step parents and understand the struggles (and benefits) that kids growing up in blended families may have.

I landed back in Dallas in 1996 and have been here ever since. I was very lukewarm in my faith until the Holy Spirit lit a fire in my heart in 2001 with a lean towards teaching kids about the love of Jesus. I have been at Fellowship since 2004, starting as a volunteer in children’s ministry and coming onboard as an employee in 2013.

My witty husband, Chris, and I were married at our previous church location (Meadow Lane) shortly before the church moved to our current location. We have one exuberant daughter, Sophia, and three delightful dogs. God has blessed me with a sense of humor that I bring to everything I do!

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