Kory Ahern Director of Strategic Systems and Metrics
My Story:
I was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles in a non-believing household by a single mom and my maternal grandmother. My childhood and teenage years were defined by a codependent lifestyle in which I was constantly seeking the approval of others and lashing out at those who would not accept me. At 16, my lifestyle of codependence and anger had led me into a repetitive cycle of hurting people who really cared about me and over-investing in toxic people who would give me what I wanted at the cost of my character. In the midst of this, my family relocated to a small, island town in Washington state, setting off a chain reaction of the toxic influences abandoning me and the loyal finally being tired of my own toxicity.

In the most punctuated of those moments of abandonment, I finally stopped running away from the fact that I was at the center of my own toxicity and emptiness. It was there in the exhaustion and heartache of a cold October evening of 2004 that I found Christ waiting for me. My life instantly turned a corner as the Lord entered into the hard work of making all of my nothing into something. I spent three years in that small island community learning about the character and nature of God from a loving mentor who acted as a surrogate father to me for a time. From there I would return to Los Angeles with plans to put down roots with a community of believers that had formed out of old high school friends.

God had other plans, however! Only a year after moving back to L.A. I took up work at a local Target and met a remarkable woman from Dallas named Sara. As our relationship began to take shape, a call was placed on her life to return home to Dallas to pursue her future and, as I prepared to send her off, I realized my future was leaving with her. So, with the blessing of my church community, I was sent out to pursue God’s calling for me in Dallas and I have been here ever since. In November of 2009, Sara and I began attending Fellowship and we have been here ever since. We would go on to get married in March of 2012 and we welcomed our daughter, Zoey Jane, to the world in May of 2013. I may never understand the amount of love it took on God’s part to transfrom an atheist with no earthly father into a husband and father working in vocational ministry, but I praise Him for His faithfulness and immeasurable love every day.

My Purpose:
My two words are “Rooting Revelation,” which derives from two things: the excitement I feel when I see God placing revelatory vision on His people and the deep desire I have to “root” these revelations. I believe that God blesses each of us with vision for how to live out the calling on our lives and I find myself drawn to the idea of protecting and nurturing vision, even if it requires forging new paths. Just like a root pushes through the ground to secure and nurture the tree, I have felt a calling on my life to chart new paths that will stabilize, nurture, and ultimately strengthen the vision God places on us through personal revelations.

My Job:
As director of strategic systems & metrics, I manage and utilize our various systems used to gain insight on what is happening around Fellowship. This allows me to walk alongside our ministries in a supportive role that holds each of us accountable to the congregation God has placed here, allows us to be more fully aware of our circumstance, and ensures that we are consistently moving closer to what He has for our church.

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