Kurt Pressler Elder and Lead Pastor

I was born in the Chicagoland area but did most of my growing up in Florida.  It was there I met the Roberts brothers, an Egyptian and African American duo who captured the imagination of my seven-year-old self.  They invited me into their home where I discovered this family, one characterized by joy and peace, had adopted the two of them out of dire circumstances.  Over time I came to understand the inspiration to do such a thing, and to live in such a way, was Jesus.  I began attending church with them, becoming captivated by the truth of our Savior, and ultimately coming to faith in Christ.

I asked my father to begin taking me to church. He was agreeable and since he grew up Catholic, we attended the Catholic church.  My attention was quickly grabbed by these men in black who dedicated their entire lives in service to the Lord.  I considered the priesthood at times, ultimately deciding against it, knowing I wanted a family.

I began my career in the business world, moving to Dallas in 1998. That was the year I met a pretty Protestant girl named Martha, who invited me to her church called Fellowship Bible Church Dallas.  She, and that church, would change my life forever.  First of all, I married that girl, and we have three sons together. Second, it was Fellowship that helped me fully grasp the grace of God, my place and purpose in the Kingdom, and my calling into vocational ministry. I have had the privilege and joy of being a part of our staff since 2013 and am delighted to be living out my calling every day.

My Purpose:
My two words are Mobilizing Delight. I love to get after a goal and take new ground, to activate others to significantly contribute to our success, and to have a blast together all along the way. I also want to help reignite the stagnant faith of so many in the church today, rekindling the tremendous joy of knowing our Savior.

My job:
As Lead Pastor, my job is to cast the vision, lead the charge, and teach the Word, encouraging and equipping our people to live a life centered on Jesus.

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