Larry Sullins Maintenance Assistant

I was born in Waco in 1956 and moved to Plano in ’63 after graduating from high school in ’74. I spent three years in the Navy stationed in Seattle. After I got out I stayed there until my mom got cancer in ’82. I moved back to Plano to take care of her but she only lived for a month after I got home. I worked for five years at the Plano ISD before I started with the church in 1994. I have been helping people do ministry behind the scenes all these 23+ years as the church handyman, do it all, fix it all, helper-extraordinaire. I love helping people see their vision through and implemented.

I met the Lord totally by accident. Well not to Him, but I was not searching. I was watching a video seminar “Hidden Keys to a Loving Relationship” by Gary Smalley in the late 80’s. I had lived with my girlfriend for 11 years, we broke up but I wanted to find a way to make it work. So, I was searching but not for God.

These tapes had such an impact on me I caught myself sharing them with others struggling, relationship-wise, and I thought, “Dude you sound like a Jesus freak pushing something they are not asking you for.” Someone I worked with told me that Gary Smalley was a Christian Counselor and everything he talked about came out of the Bible. It was then that I started looking into the “Bible thing.”

I still am single but I know the Lord is in control of that so I just keep on keepin’ on.

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