Leslie Rortvedt Fellowship Students Coordinator
My Story:
Born and raised here in Dallas, I was blessed to grow up with great teaching and encouragers in the faith at my home church. I was baptized at the age of 10 when I realized that, even though I already knew Jesus was in my heart, baptism was a big part of being obedient in my faith walk.

My journey as a young believer had me in a unique place with refugee parents from Thailand who only knew the practice of Buddhism. My parents made a giant leap of faith in their new country in the 60s and 70s by sending their U.S. born children to the Baptist church! They wanted to set us up for success and to be as “American” as we could be.

I am very thankful for my parents’ courage and for their hearts to want such a future for me and my siblings. I know that the Lord truly has plans for us and to prosper us. Looking back, He protected me in many situations growing up. He kept me true to His Word, challenging me to always be in a church that would build me up in His Word and keep me active in serving others. He also gave me the desire for my own family to know Him.

My cup runneth over with my family now! I am a full-time step-mom having raised five sons, and now I have seven grandchildren—all in the Dallas area! I met my husband, John, at that Baptist church where I grew up, and we have been married for 20 years.

My Purpose:
My two words are “Empowering Joy” because I want to make an impact on others to know they are important, valuable, worthy, loved, and special.

My Job:
As coordinator of students at Fellowship Dallas, my heart is to equip and encourage our students and their families in their journey, to create a safe place for students to share and have community, and to plant the seeds of faith and hope for Christ in their hearts. My focus as coordinator is to coordinate our large group events, assist in our programming, and to be an integral part of our Fellowship Team.

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