Leslie Rortvedt Fellowship Students Coordinator

As a true Dallasite, born and raised here, I was blessed to grow up with great teachers and encouragers in faith at Lakewood Baptist Church. I was baptized at the age of ten when I realized that even though I already knew Jesus was in my heart from a young age, baptism was a big part of being obedient in my faith walk. I began singing in the adult choir at that same time and found that for me, praise and worship was a great catalyst in feeling and recognizing God’s love and grace to me each day.

I had a wonderful Sunday School teacher who moved up with me every year from Kindergarten through 6th grade. She made a lasting impression on my heart for service and sharing the Gospel. It was a natural fit to begin volunteering in Fellowship Kids in 2001, moving up to Fellowship Students in 2006, and joining the staff in 2009.

In my position, I am blessed to serve our students and their families. I love coordinating with my highly gifted team for our events and planning every Sunday with great intentionality and prayer.

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