Linda Barton Outreach Administrative Assistant
My Story:
I was born in Dallas and have lived in or near Dallas my entire life. Growing up, my family rarely went to church. As a teen in the 70’s, it was easy to be distracted, and I usually did whatever my older sister did. She explored several religions, among other things, and I followed along.

Over time, I drifted from all religions and my belief in God completely dwindled. I lost both parents and went through a divorce. I had several bad influences through my 30s and 40s, and although there were some bright spots, my world was a dark place. I was very frustrated with my everyday life.

Finally, I had enough. I cried out, “If there is a God, please reveal something to me.” And He did! He pointed me to sermons by Dr. Charles Stanley, which transformed my understanding of God and my prayer life. I also began to distance myself from the negative people in my life and get closer to the positive.

God had a plan for me, so He reached out and took my hand. I knew I had to follow His plan (not mine) and trust His timing. It’s been a process, and there have been temptations along the way, but He is faithful and this journey is my testimony that God’s plan is real.

My Purpose:
God encourages us each day to live in harmony, and I cling to my two words, “Modeling Harmony.” My God-given gifts are organizing, planning, gathering, and detail. Using your gifts to serve God always brings blessings and I do not want to miss any!

My Job:
My role at Fellowship includes providing administrative support to our Outreach Ministry, helping coordinate our mission trips, and maintaining the church’s database to connect refugees with mentors once inside the USA.

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