Mike Heinz Student Ministries Pastor
My Story:
Growing up in Baton Rouge, LA, I had everything a child needed. Despite having all my needs taken care of me and a family that loved me, I knew deep down that something was missing. Even as a five year old, I knew I needed forgiveness of my sins—sins that separated me from my Heavenly Father. I accepted Jesus as a five year old at my elementary school. After that, my adolescence was spent making church and serving God a high priority.

During my college years, the Lord refined me and shaped me through a few difficult seasons. I experienced times of depression and anxiety that challenged what I truly believed and who I relied on in my life. God used this time to shape me and grow me toward trusting Him as I do today. It is not easy by any means, but He has helped me and continues to do so.

My Purpose:
God has helped me see that He wants me to be about “Training Generations” in this life. That is what has led me to be involved in the lives of youth and their families over the last 25 years.

My Job:
It’s a joy to work on staff as the student ministry pastor here at Fellowship Dallas! I get to lead students to discover their God-given purpose and help them find joy in growing toward God and serving Him. My hope is to give students a place to feel welcome and to put their faith into action!

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