Mike Webster Elder

My journey to Christ was a contest of wills; His vs. mine. In an epic transition of good guy to God guy, HE WON! Self-sufficiency, independence, self-reliance (all normally touted as positive male traits) were road blocks to me letting God take control. I didn’t let Him in for a long time.  As He gradually got a grip on me, prying my controlling fingers away and cracking open the door to a relationship with him, I finally came around.

A big part of my story is meeting my wonderful wife, Donna, who became my role model and demonstrated daily what a true walk with Jesus looked like (I believe they were in cahoots together.) Fellowship Church rounded out my rough edges. The wonderful people of this church, both staff and membership, became my family and life groups and life group leadership have transformed me into a strong advocate of community-based worship.

God snuck up on me again this year as I was asked to serve as an Elder, what a humbling privilege and a blessed responsibility this has been. Being retired has allowed me to dive into the deep end of the pool and really commit my time to the church.

Pre-retirement I was an architect-turned-commercial real estate developer.  As a retiree, I enjoy painting, landscape design and most other creative opportunities that come my way as well as, traveling, hunting, fishing, and sports. I have three wonderful grown children, two cool stepsons, five precious grandchildren with one in the oven, two lovely daughters-in-law, and a great son-in-law…blessings all.

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