Mitzi Arellano Women's Pastor
My Story: 
There aren’t many of us “born and raised in Dallas” folks left, but I am happy to be one of them. I grew up attending a Bible church here in Dallas and made a decision to follow Jesus at an early age. When I was in 5th grade, we moved to our farm in Kaufman, where my parents helped plant a church and host Young Life at our home every Monday evening. Ministry was just as much a part of our life as going to Friday night football games and riding horses. As idyllic as my childhood sounds, most of my spiritual growth happened once I left home and began to have to trust the Lord on my own. At UT I met the love of my life, a soon-to-be banker named John Arellano. Little did I know then that his life call would lead him to seminary and that we would both go on to work together at Fellowship for almost 30 years! (John has recently become a counselor with a private group practice.)

Married for 34 years, John and I enjoy spending time with our three daughters, our three sons-in-law, and our two grandchildren, Judith and Walter. We currently have the unique opportunity of all living within 2 blocks of one another in Richardson. Generally, when we’re not at church, you can find us in the neighborhood at one of their homes.

My Purpose:
“Creating Contexts” is my unique purpose. Brainstorming new ideas, especially when it comes to ways to help people grow, celebrate, or just connect in community with one another, is one of my favorite things to do. I get an extra boost of energy if I can help you meet someone new or connect you to a resource you need. Parties are my happy place, especially with people I know and love. Most recently, one of my greatest joys has been getting to know women individually and helping them discover and live out their God-given purpose.

My Job:
As the Pastor to Women, my job is to ensure that women have the opportunity to engage with the mission of Fellowship Dallas. Whether it’s through Life Groups, Training Experiences, mission trips, or connecting opportunities, I always want to think and plan strategically with the spiritual needs of women in mind.

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