Myles Wren Communications and Worship Administrative Assistant

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas but I lovingly call Austin, Texas my home. I grew up in Austin with various dreams of working in the fashion industry to becoming a psychologist to writing books; now I dream of ways to collaborate my love for fashion and creating, with my passion for helping and serving people.

The summer before my senior year of high school, my mother, sister, and I were headed to Fort Worth to visit family and got in what could have been a fatal car accident. Sparing you the details of that day, I knew that there was something very specific that God wanted me to do and I needed to find out what that purpose was despite not attending church regularly or having any idea as to how to begin a relationship with Jesus. I quickly got involved in a local church where I fell in love with learning more about Jesus through many Bible studies and close mentorship with church leadership. At 18 I decided that my life would be centered around my pursuit for more truth and my desire to serve God and people.

I decided to move to Dallas, Texas in 2011 with my seven year old, very rambunctious dachshund, OD, and have seen many disappointments but have managed through grace and truth to still maintain my joy and faith! Although I love Austin and will hopefully return later on down the road; I’m discovering every single day, new layers of how my passions are aligning with the mission to share the gospel of peace to my circle of influence.

I’ve been on staff since 2014 and I couldn’t be any more overjoyed that I get to use my passions and gifts for the betterment of the kingdom of God.

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