Ron Smith Director of Operations

I grew up in Dallas. After graduating from SMU, I joined the DuPont Company and moved to Delaware. Like the Israelites, I spent the next 40 years wandering in the wilderness before returning to the Promised Land of Texas in 2009!

One of the things I have learned by looking back across my years is that God was watching over me and showing me His loving-kindness, even when I was not seeking Him and certainly not following Him. An early example of this was when I met a wonderful young girl named, Judy McCullough. We were married on September 11, 1971, and have been living life together ever since.

We got serious about going to church shortly after the birth of our first daughter. An important part of that experience was being together with a group of believers. For most of the last 40 years, we have been in some kind of small group situation. It has been in those groups that our faith has grown most rapidly as we share good times and bad times with people who accept us as we are and love us in spite of knowing all about us.

We have two daughters: Kathryn lives in Allen and has two children. Karen lives in Asheville, North Carolina and has one son.

A couple of years after returning to Dallas, I felt the need to return to the workforce. I yearned for the mental stimulation and challenging conversations. Who would have thought that a retired businessman could be repurposed into the Director of Operations for Fellowship Dallas? I have worked here since February 2012 and every day has been a rewarding challenge and a blessing.

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