Shenae Johnson Elementary Volunteer Coach

My Story:
I was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and grew up in a Christian home. My mom always kept us in the church, waking us up for prayer, taking us to Wednesday night Bible study, Sunday school, and night service. We started serving at a young age—working with the bus ministry, knocking on doors and inviting others to church, and volunteering at nursing homes.  I experienced the presence of God in my early years listening to my mom’s Bible studies and prayer groups in our home. Even though I didn’t understand everything, I would always find myself right in the midst of the Bible study. Throughout my junior high and high school years, it was a rule that we continued to attend church. I am truly grateful for that because I began to learn who God is and that I belong to Him.

By my mid-twenties, I was getting ready to go back to school, had an awesome job, had my own place, and thought I knew the plans God had for me. Then in 2004, I lost my sister to cancer. I was broken, lost, confused and couldn’t understand why God would take someone that is so young, giving, and had a love for him away to something so horrible.

After that, I feel like things started falling apart. During the year that followed, I found myself in a rut that I couldn’t seem to get out of. But in August of 2005 my daughter Ebone` was born. That was my turning point to getting my life right with Christ.

I knew that I wanted more for her and that we could only make it with God. I started praying, seeking, and depending on God in all aspects of my life and things starting turning around. Jobs came in, I moved to a great place in Dallas, and started to realize that all the doors that were being closed were now leading me to Fellowship Dallas. I now have great expectations waiting to see what God has in store for me here!

My Job:
As elementary volunteer coach in The Treetop, I enjoy establishing great relationships while teaching elementary students the love of God. I schedule an awesome group of fun-loving volunteers and Life Group leaders and I oversee the classroom activities on Sunday.

During the week, I serve as the childcare supervisor where I have the honor of providing a safe and loving place for children to learn about God while their parents participate in Bible studies, ministries, and Training Experiences.

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