Stephanie Phelps Fellowship Kids Curriculum Coordinator
My Story:
I grew up in Brownsville, Texas, where the streets run with homemade salsa. There we attended a great church filled with drama—the theatrical kind—and I saw that the arts can be a powerful tool in ministry. Our God is creative and He speaks to us in creative ways! My parents encouraged my brothers and I to live out our God-given purpose before it was really even a thing. They fully supported me in pursuing my passions of acting, music and working with kids. They also taught me to love God and love others from an early age.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that setting healthy boundaries and being honest are some of the best ways to love others. I was a people-pleaser to the max and struggled with resentment and a lack of feeling truly loved and known because I was always putting on a show. Thankfully, some amazing people at my church and some time spent seeking God helped me realize that I can speak up for myself. I learned that even though I may fail and let people down, I am known. I am loved. Always.

I have an amazing and brilliant husband, Jerry. We spend most of our time doting on our daughter, Juniper Wren, and our multiple fur babies.

My Purpose:
Oh boy do I love to “Collaborate Creativity!” I am passionate about joining forces with the people around me to explore life with everything we’ve got—seeing and creating beauty wherever we are.

My Job:
Well, I have the best job at the church! I modify and write curriculum for toddlers-3rd graders in Fellowship Kids, I lead worship and storytelling for The Treetop, and I direct our Kids Crew Choir. My “work” is fun, creative, and never the same!

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