Go Deeper With Training Experiences and Bible Studies

Training Experiences and Bible studies are where we explore challenging topics to help us grow. These in-depth opportunities allow you to focus on specific aspects of your faith and purpose. Our hope is that they will equip and inspire you towards spiritual growth.

God uniquely designed you on purpose, for a purpose. Repurposed is a six-week Training Experience designed to help you discover your God-given purpose and learn how to live it out. Stay tuned for details on our 2023 Repurposed trainings.


Upcoming Training Experiences and Bible Studies

Registration for our spring session of Training Experience and Bible Studies is now open. Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies are available on Wednesday evenings. Childcare is available for kids birth thru 5th grade. Fellowship Students is open on Wednesday nights for grades 6-12.

Steps Gospel-Centered Recovery
Steps is a 12 step Bible Study designed to take you to the root of sin and suffering so that you can embrace the freedom found only in Christ’s redemption. Steps is a gospel-centered recovery program for anyone: those struggling with addiction, anger, trauma/loss, pornography, food, and more. Registration for our current session of Steps is now closed. Stay tuned for details on our next Steps training.


Parenting: Depression & Anxiety in Kids
Led by Licensed Psychologist Dr. Cristina Sevadjian and License Professional Counselor Page Price, this training will provide you with tools to understand childhood worries and how to help. You’ll also learn indicators to know when a child may need professional intervention. This one-night training will be Wednesday, March 8 from 6:30-8pm.

Men’s Bible Study
Many of us—even when we’re walking outwardly in confidence can wrestle internally with questions about whether we’re really living out the life God designed for us. In this study we’ll look at Paul’s letter to Ephesians and the encouraging answers he provides us. This seven-week study begins Wednesday, March 22 from 6:30-8pm.

Women’s Bible Study
Explore the Book of Galatians, a passionate letter explaining what it really looks like to be a follower of Jesus Christ and how our freedom in him is certain. You’ll learn the importance of knowing that you are wholly and fully accepted in Christ, by Christ, and through Christ. This seven-week study has Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening options. Tuesdays, beginning March 21 from 10-11:130am or Wednesday, beginning March 22, from 6:30-8pm.

MoneyLife for Young Adults
Wednesdays, Staring March 29 • 6:30-8pm
MoneyLife is a financial Training Experience rooted firmly in biblical principles, designed to help you find hope, and deepen your faith, no matter what your current financial situation is. You’ll learn what God’s Word says about our finances, how to use practical resources, how to conquer debt permanently, how to grow in your generosity, and how to prepare with wisdom for the future. Childcare is available.

Evangelism Training
Saturday, April 15 • 12-2:30pm
During this 2-hour training you’ll learn how to share your faith effectively with today’s culture. Whether new or mature in your faith, all Christians will benefit from the concepts, tactics, and approaches covered in this training. Lunch and materials are provided with your registration.

Precept: 2 Peter
Precept is a deep dive women’s Bible study using the Precept Method. This session of Precept we will be studying 2 Peter, which teaches us that to live effectively for Christ we need to know the truth and learn how to discern truth from falsehood. Your registration will include your Precept workbook. This study six-week study beings March 15, from 6:30-8pm.

Prepare for Your Marriage
Engaged or thinking about marriage? Pre-Marriage explores topics like communication and conflict, finances, intimacy and more to help you prepare for married life. Stay tuned for details on our Fall 2023 PreMarriage class.

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