Our Care Network and counseling team strives to deeply care for our congregation when they are in physical or emotional need. Our hope is to walk with them through their experience to help them grow spiritually. By caring for our congregation we can be a Christian community that models Christ’s love for one another and helps people see God has purpose for their story.


At Fellowship Dallas, we offer short-term pastoral counseling to our regular attenders. We know life can get difficult in times of distress. Our hope is to provide timely and confidential assistance based on your need and our counselor availability.


Do you need prayer? If so, our prayer teams would love to be praying for you!


If you know of a church member who is in the hospital, rehab, or homebound and they need a visit from a pastor or visitation team member, please let us know via e-mail.


If you know of a church member who has been sick or has lost a loved one, our meal team would love to care for them by providing a meal or two. For more info, please e-mail us.


Benevolence is available to church members facing a financial emergency. If you need help, download the benevolence documents, check the requirements, and follow the instructions. We also offer a supportive learning community called Faith and Finances once a year.

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