Our Care Network strives to assist Life Groups to care for our congregation when they are facing a difficult season of life. Our hope is to walk with them through their experience and to be a Christian community that models Christ’s love for one another and helps people see God has a purpose for their story.


Do you need prayer? If so, our prayer teams would love to be praying for you!


If you know of a church member who is in the hospital, rehab, or homebound and they need a visit from a pastor or visitation team member, please let us know via e-mail.


If you know of a church member who has been sick or has lost a loved one, our meal team would love to care for them by providing a meal or two. For more info, please e-mail us.


Financial allies are available to meet with church members facing a financial emergency. If you need help, email us and we can discuss next steps.

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