What could change if you understood how God uniquely gifted you?


We all want our lives to count. And the profound interruption of current world events to our normal daily life has caused many of us to reflect on the lives we’re living and wondering if there might be more. Whether you’re fresh out of college, raising a family, or wondering how to spend your retirement, you probably want to make the most of whatever season you’re in. Making the most of our time means knowing our natural gifts and using our past experiences—positive and negative—to help others along the way.

Repurposed is a six-week online Training Experience designed to help you discover and live out your unique, God-given purpose. During the six sessions, you’ll learn from insightful teaching, utilize helpful tools and take personal assessments, and hone in on what you’re really burdened for—all alongside others who share your passion for making an impact.

Two Words: Your Personal Identity Statement

During your time in Repurposed, you’ll craft a two-word, personal identity statement that gives you clarity and vision for how you’ll honor God and bless others in ways that speak to your unique gifts and calling. You’ll also come away with a clear next step to practically live out your calling where you live, work, or play.


What Others are Saying


My two words are “Launching Leaders.” Repurposed taught me that I’m really passionate about equipping, mobilizing, and pushing others out to do significant work, and it gave me the tools to live that out.


Launching Leaders


My two words from Repurposed are “Connecting Intentionally.”  I’ve done this ALL my life, but Repurposed helped me to understand why connecting is my passion.

Gay Nell

Connecting Intentionally


My two words are “Heralding Growth.” Repurposed helped me discover how God has uniquely wired me to make an impact for Him in all areas of my life.


Heralding Growth

Details + FAQs

Repurposed is on Wednesdays from 7:30-9pm, April 29-June 3 • Cost is $25
What does the cost cover?

We charge $25 to cover the cost of the materials, which include video resources, assessments, and a custom workbook with an embossed Repurposed logo on the front cover.

Where is the class?

Because of COVID-19, we’re offering this session of Repurposed online via Zoom. You’ll be in the class with others during the teaching session of the class, and you’ll be divided into smaller groups of 4-6 people during certain times each session.